Sep 18

How To Overcome Financial Problems In Marriage And Get Your Confidence Back

With the divorce rate hovering around (and over) 50% its important to understand the predominant reasons couple split so that you can do your

best to be successful in those areas. Relationship exerts assert that financial problems in marriage are one factor that puts a strain on marriages

and has the potential to ruin the marriage. This is why it is essential to learn how to overcome financial problems in marriage and get your confidence back.

Create a financial plan- Experts assert that only 23% of married couples have a financial plan, so that leaves a good percentage with no plan,

which can lead to financial stress and problems. This being said, your first step to avoiding and/or overcoming financial problems in marriage is

to sit down and come up with a financial plan. If youre having financial issues, discuss the reasons why and come up with some solutions, as

sometimes it helps to see things on paper.

Budgeting is a must-Create a workable budget that both of you will adhere to. List all of your income and expenses and create a budget that

works for you. Cut out all unnecessary spending, take on more work if possible, and get that debt taken care of. As you both do your part and

work side by side in tackling your issues, youre more likely to get your confidence back and see success.

Discuss the root of the matter-You dont just wake up one day with a host of financial problems. Most financial distress happens incrementally as

people spend more than they actually make. The credit card debt grows over time and before you know it you can be so much in debt you feel

trapped with no escape. Discuss why youre in the spot youre in and do what it takes to reverse it. If you purchase things to feel happy, find

other ways to get happy that dont involve spending money. If you are trying very hard to keep up with the Joneses, make a decision to stop. Stay

within your budget no matter what and youll begin to notice less financial problems in marriage and more confidence.

Get financial help-If you really feel trapped, go see a financial counselor who can help you create a financial relief plan. They are professionals for

a reason and can help you get your financial picture under control. They are also someone to be accountable to, which helps some people to

change their spending habits.

No matter what financial problems youre having in your marriage, you can begin to take steps to resolve them and get your confidence back.

Remember that it wont happen over night and thats all right. Little by little you can get out of debt and begin building your savings. It will require
self-control and discipline, but you can do it!


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