Jul 14

Oak Harvest Financial Group Provides Financial Security To Houston Retirees

At Oak Harvest Financial Group, their retirement planning specialists understand that assets and income are important for retirees and must be protected at all times. They have more than 100 years of combined experience solely in the retirement phase of the financial industry and believe that retirees are most concerned about their financial assets for which they have worked their entire lives. They offer multiple services and vehicles that provide safety and protection to accomplish specific objectives””whether it be safe growth, guaranteed income, or tax efficiency. The professionals at Oak Harvest Financial Group educate clients on a more personal level and offer customized solutions according to individual financial situations. As everyone has different requirements, clients are paired with appropriate advisors to provide the best solutions and strategies. We focus on guaranteed principal and income for those looking for safety in the retirement phase of life.

Whether clients need to eliminate taxes, protect assets, or transfer wealth to the next generation, Oak Harvest Financial Group is a leader in high net worth financial and estate planning. They are able to present a comprehensive range of financial solutions customized according to each client”s needs and goals. Their analysts and advisors utilize safe strategies that do not involve market risk to principal with the purpose of providing safety, predictability and maximum income during retirement.

The company also educates clients about protecting themselves from fraud, scams, and identity thefts. Oak Harvest Financial Group Fraud and Scam department is committed to educating seniors about fraud and identity theft prevention, avoidance, and detection. The professionals search for the latest scams and conduct workshops for seniors on how to protect themselves. In addition, Oak Harvest Financial Group offers a wide range of business planning services including but not limited to executive compensation agreements, buy-sell agreements, cross purchase agreements, estate equalization, and loan cancellation, as well as employee benefits planning.

At Oak Harvest, their overall goal is to educate clients so that they can protect themselves and safely proceed toward their financial goals. For more details about the firm”s services, please call 281-822-1350 or visit www.oakharvestfg.com


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