May 08

The Purpose Of Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Reverse Mergers, Ipos, Angel Investors

In the field of venture capital, corporate finance and the like, we sometimes lose sight of the goal of our efforts.

We can easily see that it does not matter how the money is raised; there must be a fair exchange for the team, for the technology, and for the money.

The real goal of corporate finance is to see that the company has more than enough money to achieve its goals.

Now that we say it, we know it could not be anything else. What else could it be?

In seeing this, we know immediately what venture capital is not.

Real venture capital does not deprive the company of funds so it can be bought for a song later on, taking the work of the team for little or nothing.

Venture capital is not loading the entrepreneurial team down with straightjacket agreements.

Venture capital is not setting a cheap value on the company so you can make a huge gain out of a share of the company that should belong to the people that daily contribute their sweat.

The real purpose of capital is not to take control of the company away from those who best know how to run it. The real purpose of the capitalist is not to second guess management. Management, not capital, is on the firing line and best knows how to achieve the goals of the company.

True corporate finance is seeing that the company has more money than it needs. True venture capital motivates and encourages the team. True venture capital values the team and acts accordingly. True venture capital is part of the team.

True corporate finance is more than capital. It is a partnership of equals; it is support that is more than financial; It is on the tam that shoulders

May 07

Finance Operations Manager

Finance is perhaps the only thing that makes companys look for other innovative ideas and take suitable cost cutting measures! Jokes apart, it is the Finance Operations Managers job which is the most important after the directors position. No wonder CFOs earn more than CEOs!

What will be your role as a Finance Operations Manager in the company?

Integrate Finances: One of the most important jobs after youre handed over the baton to the position is to make sure that the companys spending is optimum and not more than its budget. For this you need to get hold of every area that the company earns revenue from and then integrate the accounts.

One of the many frustrating parts of the same job is that even if you show that the company is spending an optimum amount on operations, you will be asked to lower the costs!

Forecast: Do not for once think that it was only the job of the weather guys to forecast and predict weather it is the job of a Finance Operations Manager too! You need to be confident with your basic skill set and show that you can really contribute to the companys growth. You will be asked to make quarterly, semi-annually and annual financial forecasts. One of the main drawbacks of this job is that it is harder to keep your boss happy!

Inventory: For a successful operations environment, the company makes sure that it has the best cost-cutting measures and the best inventory too! Without its inventory, the company is like armor without the bullets! Maintaining inventory levels is another part of the job that you have to undertake as a finance operations manager.

Relationship: Now what does public relation mean for a person who has been playing with thick books of accounts and similar stuff? He is

May 06

Replacement Gas Boilers, Finance Available Borders

Such clients who have crave of efficiency and savings by Replacement gas boilers, finance available Borders so dont hesitate to choose best and effective gas boilers that are the way to accomplish both goals within this deal. Making decision for replacement of gas boilers will benefit for individuals they intend to get new one against older one with competitive price as well as savings. We are well known around the country and provide you durable quality gas boilers from amongst the wide range of these boilers which will be suited for homes and offices to carry on the activities of daily needs meeting within these Replacement gas boilers, finance available Borders so it is best for you to upgrade gas boiler by installation when you buy new one against old one hence you will be right place to save much money by using gas which is the money-smart way to heat up the home. Replacement of boilers makes the homeowners life easier because this type of system affords lowest maintenance cost than the alternatives. It have no storage tank and also operating system is simple than others heating alternatives. Replacement gas boilers, finance available Borders will reduce the potentials risks of fuel using boilers at homes.
Replacement gas boilers, finance available Lothian also run more efficiently than other oil boilers and placing option is also easy outside the room hence you will feel comfortable in entire the home with family. In addition to the cost of running of gas boiler is better than natural fuel using boiler and gas boiler is cheaper than oil boiler. These boilers save much energy and provide you lower bills of utility. In recently, estimated for newer gas boilers are more efficient than older models so Replacement gas boilers, finance available Lothian in which

May 05

Free Sermons On Financial Increase Will Increase Your Finances

Free sermons on prosperity will increase your finances if you will listen to them over and over.

Look at this and quickly learn how listening to God’s Word on financial increase will result in finances to increase supernaturally. The more you hear of God’s Word you hear the faster your financial situation increase.

Romans 10:17 “so then faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of God”. The only way to increase your faith, in line with the bible, is as simple as hearing the word of God.

Hearing sermons on financial increase will increase your faith for finances because faith comes by hearing only.

Many people don’t know that faith is a very specialized thing.

If people need salvation then they should listen to someone preach sermons on salvation like Billy Graham did. Rev. Graham has been preaching salvation for 60 years and has had crusades across the world. His subject is salvation and people came to have faith in Jesus for salvation by hearing his preaching on that subject.

If people need healing they should listen to someone like Oral Roberts preach on healing. Oral Roberts has been conducting healing crusades and preaching on healing since the 1940s. Rev. Roberts will preach about healing and pray for people to get healed and miracles healings happened. Because they had been listening to sermons on healing they developed faith for their healing.

If an individual needs financial increase they should listen to someone preach God’s Word on financial increase. This will develop their faith and turn will increase their finances. Many times people listening to sermons on financial increase will notice their finances start to grow.

The Bible tells us in 3 John 2 “beloved above all things it’s my wish for you to prosper and be in health

May 03

Benefits Of Attending A Financial Planning Retirement Seminar

Looking to attend a financial planning retirement seminar? What are the things to look out for? Here are some things to take note. Before attending such a seminar, do know what your expectations are and what the people organizing the seminar can deliver. Usually, part of the financial planning retirement seminar will include sales pitches on products propagated by the organisers.

There is nothing wrong with these, but you do have to be aware of what your own needs in terms of such financial services and products. Some topics that are be covered in such a seminar should include personal financial planning, retirement, savings and investment and other similar topics.

A certain number of retirement planning seminars have speakers suggesting the use of high-risk financial instruments so that (logically) higher investment returns can be achieved. The logic is, of course, with higher investment returns, you can secure a more comfortable retirement in future. All very well and good, but it is of utmost importance that you must first understand you own risk appetite and profile. You may want to talk to a professional and competent financial planner in this respect.

The old saying of “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) is a good description for this, even if just figuratively. The point to note is that in personal financial planning (and especially in the area of investment) it is wise not to get involved in anything that one has no clear and thorough understanding of. In fact, the financial planning retirement seminar is the avenue for you to better understand the type of financial instruments and investments that will help you retire comfortably. It is definitely not the place for you to lose your “sweat and blood” funds that are meant for your retirement. There is really no need to feel that

May 03

Has Personal Financial Planning Changed After The Global Financial Crisis

After the Global Financial Crisis(GFC), a lot of people questioned their personal financial planning strategies. People often do this after a market downturn or correction, let alone after the biggest we have had in about 70 years. Anyone who has lived through other major downturns will know it will take a few years to recover investment losses. It is natural for people to wonder if their personal financial planning strategy is still the right way to go.

Is your strategy sound?

If a financial planner, as part of a comprehensive financial plan, recommended your investment strategy, then your strategy should be sound. The recommendations would have been made after he or she completed a fact find about your situation. This would have taken into account your investment time horizon and you investor profile. Your investor profile is determined by a series of questions to find out your tolerance to investment risk. In this case, investment risk refers to the exposure to short-term market fluctuations. The recommended investment portfolio would have reflected your risk tolerance by limiting your exposure to growth assets – shares and property – whose values do fluctuate with market movements.

How Long Should You Stick with an investment strategy?

You should stay with the original strategy for the length of the plan. If you have a ten-year plan then you stay with that. There is no doubt, staying with an investment strategy for the medium to long-term works best. The other alternative is to try to pick the market. This means, moving into a safe investment when the market drops and then moving back into the market when it goes up. The problem is most people cannot get the timing right – they are usually too late to get out before the market dropped or to get

May 01

How To Become A Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

If you often work with individuals who are going through divorce proceedings, then you may want to consider becoming a Certified Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS). Having this credential shows that you have comprehensive information that will help clients explore their financial options related to a divorce agreement. Training for the CFDS will make you better at helping your clients find a better position of financial stability.

Topics Covered in the CFDS Certification
The CFDS training is designed to improve and increase your knowledge of the complexities of the financial problems that are related to divorce agreements. The more you know about the tax, financial, and legal complexities of divorces cases, the better you can provide support for your clients. Furthermore, the course contains guidance on your role as a professional CFDS.

Here is a brief summary of the topics covered by this training program:
Assessing and identifying assets including family home, property, and pensions to career assets and benefit plans.
Overview of the various legal proceedings, the role of a professional CFDS, and the different methods of settling a divorce case.
Identifying the tax problems from the impact of child support and alimony. Identifying the reporting requirements when selling and dividing the house.
Information about malpractice, ethics, and working with other professionals on the case.
How to present and prepare financial affidavits and other reports.

Training Format of CFDS
The CFDS training program is available online. When you order the certification training course, you can expect to receive everything you will need to complete the entire course from the comforts of your office or home. In addition, the package includes a blinder with around 500 pages of content covering the topics mentioned before and more. This foundational case material also combines questions

Apr 30

Car Finance Calculator Edmunds

For those that have already lower than ideal credit scores, automobile funding low credit is a viable option.

Classic fiscal associations along with credit unions for the benefit of the customers lengthen the credits for vehicle funding bad credit.

You can likewise obtain the car funding low credit from a few motor vehicle dealers and makers. Should you have faced bankruptcy, car repossession or foreclosures within the earlier year, you could still get a advance. The US carmakers are also requesting bailouts from Congress Just remember that the large 3 carmakers within the US, have pleaded for additional than $34 billion in bailouts. They have also experienced their motor vehicle gross sales droop in the past quarter and are desperate to get their motor vehicles rolling.

In the event you already have a motor vehicle loan, you can have the credits refinanced and compensate the earlier advances. Based on these points, you’ll be in a position to navigate for a better offer on auto funding. Checking credit scores In advance of you make an application for the motor vehicle financing for not so perfect, check your credit outcomes.

The FICO score embraces your defrayal record, loan back ground, charge card back ground and the all financial dealings that you’ve done. Just in case you’ve defaulted on credits, you would have a less than perfect score. Those that have below what 600 score as termed as risky. Obtain your credit report and if you discover any loopholes, then account it straightaway.

Both methods you can get a variety offers from a number of financial institutions for obtaining a loan. Based on the quotes that you get from the loan companies, you can negotiate for a far better interest and a better time period for the less-than-perfect credit

Apr 30

Financial Freedom with Cash Gifting – How True Is It

Is it possible to achieve financial freedom with cash gifting? You might have already asked your self this question a couple of times. You might have even searched for answers on the net. But somehow, you might still be hesitant.

That is reasonable though. With all the conflicting ideas on cash gifting and the growing number of money making scams on the net, to hesitate is to simply be a wise on the internet. However, despite all the negativities, financial freedom with cash gifting is something that can be truthfully attained.

Not all online income generating programs are scams. Though it is true that there are fake money making schemes lurking on the net, legitimate income opportunities do exist too. To be unreasonably doubtful of proven online programs like cash gifting is a way of passing on a big money making chance. Financial freedom with cash gifting is one of the many things an internet can bring to users. However, with too many unreasonable hesitations and suspicions, it might remain unreachable.

The following points proves that cash gifting belongs to the group of legitimate online opportunities and that as an income generating program, it can bring financial freedom.

Capable of producing huge returns

Cash gifting is a practice used decades or even centuries ago and had already blessed millions of people. It had evolved as one of the most lucrative online opportunities of the present. From then until now, it is a productive money generating program.

As a private activity, cash gifting had already helped many in need. It operates using the reaping-sowing concept. In other words, give and you will receive. It’s that simple. This simplicity enables many to participate in the gifting activity. No degree or expertise is needed. The great number of people joining in the program makes it capable of producing huge

Apr 28

Financial Services Representative Lucrative Opportunities Through Recruitment Firms

Through the finance sector has been through some major downs lately but there is always a need for qualified Financial Services Representatives in UK at many companies. However, those who are looking for jobs in this field should do some research on the skills required to be successful in this field and the channels through which they can get the best Financial Services Representative career opportunities. Some of the aspects of the Financial Services Representatives job are:

The Sales Function
Selling the products and services of the bank for which the Financial Representatives work is their main job. Besides, offering sound financial advisory to the clients is also their responsibility. Since this involves direct sales and targets have to be met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so people with good communication and convincing skills and an ability to handle pressure are best for it.

Customer Care Function
Handling the queries of customers is a major part of their job as they are the first point of interaction for the banks clients. Having good market knowledge and familiarity with the bank policies and procedures along with excellent multi-tasking abilities surely helps.

Training Required
The policies and regulations of a bank may change from time to time and the Financial Representative must update himself/herself with the changes. For this, they must complete the annual trainings in addition to other trainings that are necessary. A bank may put an employee on probation and in extreme cases even issue termination letter on failure to complete the trainings.

The job of a Financial Representative can be demanding at times when they have to stay in late or work sometimes on weekends. So they must be flexible enough for the same.

Opportunities To Get Ahead
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