Apr 09

Recruiting Qualified & Experienced Candidates For Accounting & Finance Jobs

The Accounting & Finance sector requires candidates with qualification, experience and expertise, especially for more senior posts like Chief Financial Officers, etc. A systematic and filtered Executive Search is required for Recruiting Qualified & Experienced Candidates In Accounting and Finance. Executive Search is a highly specialised job and requires contacts in the Accounting & Finance community to locate outstanding performers who look promising for the relevant job. Recruitment firms that offer Executive Search to organisations are popularly known as Headhunters.

The role of Headhunters is not restricted to merely serving as a link between the potential employer and the candidate. Headhunting is about Recruiting Suitable Leaders For Organisations.

Recruiting Qualified & Experienced Candidates In Accounting & Finance

Research: An aggressive Executive Search has to be conducted to recruit qualified & experienced candidates in accounting & finance. Headhunters perform a thorough research and assessment of the organisation and the job profile before launching the Executive Search. They analyse the core functional area of the company, the reputation and stature of the company in the market, the financial credentials, bench strength, etc. They also assess the job profile and then launch an aggressive executive search.

Executive Search: After proper assessment, the Executive Search begins. This includes the sourcing and screening of suitable candidates. As per the organisations requirements, suitable candidates are selected. These candidates are then subjected to profile-specific evaluation through tests and interviews.

Selection: Finally, the most suitable candidates are selected and convinced to shift to the clients organisation. This marks the successful recruitment of desired candidate.

This step-by-step process offers excellent recruitment of qualified & experienced candidates in accounting & finance. The benefits of hiring headhunters are numerous. Some major benefits include saving time and money of the company and recruitment of best financial leaders, since Headhunters operate in an industry specific environment. The services rendered by the Executive Search Firms are research based and solution oriented.

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